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In a bid to create more awareness around COVID-19 Government has called on all .za domain name holders that have an associated website to create a landing page with a visible link to For more details see section 5.1.4 of Regulation No. 43164 published on 26 March 2020.

Launch OT&E

Meeting the Launch Criteria does not entitle a registrar to operate during the Launch of the above-mentioned domain name spaces.

ICANN Accredited Registrars that have obtained Launch OT&E are permitted to participate in the new gTLD Launch Phase.

ZACR Accredited Registrars that have obtained Launch OT&E are only permitted to participate in the new gTLD Launch Phase if they make use of the Proxy Registrar solution. More information on this will be provided closer to Launch.

Documentation and Resources


EPP Launch Schema Version 1 : The complete EPP Schema for the Launch Phase as mandated by ICANN.


EPP Example Launch Templates Version 2 : Complete example EPP templates for all Launch commands, excluding ZACR Extension


 List of Signed Mark Data Files (SMD) : A list of domain name labels which have been validated. To be used for Sunrise Applications.


List of Pre-Validated Test Marks : A list of domain name labels which have validated prior rights. To be used for Claims Notice ID generation.


List of Example Reserved Names : A list of domain names that have been reserved on the OT&E system. To be used to test Reservation responses.

OT&E Criteria and EPP Commands Document Download : Complete OT&E Criteria and Required EPP Commands to obtain Launch OT&E.


Premium Domain Names: All 1, 2 and 3-character labels are considered premium domain names on the Launch OT&E system. For registration of Premium Domain Names, the Price Charge Extension must be implemented.


SMD Files and Claims Notices

Signed Mark Data
are unique files that are provided to mark holders who have validated their marks through the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse or the local Mark Validation System. These files are then used to apply for a domain name as a Sunrise Application in order for the mark holder to safely register a domain name that corresponds to their validated marks, ensuring their prior right to that domain name is secure. SMD files may be obtained through the Registrar Panel. Clicking on "Launch" under the "Accreditation" heading will bring up the funtionality on the left-hand side.

Claims Notices must be provided by the registrar to the domain name applicant in the event that the applicant is attempting to apply for a domain name that has an associated validated prior right. This means that if there is a prior right in the Trademark Clearinghouse or the Mark Validation System, the applicant has to first acknowledge that they are willing to apply for a domain name that should (by right) belong to someone else. The Registry provides a Claims Key in the Domain Check command if there is an associated prior right. The Claims Key may then be used to obtain the Claims Notice that must be acknowledged by the applicant before a new application may be processed.

An example of this would be:
  1. Party A has a validated prior right for the label "example".
  2. Party B does not have a validated prior right for "example" but wants to apply for the domain name.
  3. The registrar must then perform a Domain Check to identify if there is a prior right associated to the domain name "example.launch"
  4. Performing the Check will reveal that the domain name does have a prior right, and will return a Claims Key.
  5. Registrar must then use the Key to obtain the Claims Notice which they must present to Party B so they are aware that there is a prior right to domain name "example.launch"
  6. Party B acknowledges the Claims Notice through an out-of-band process to indicate that they wish to continue with the application regardless of there being a prior right.
  7. Registrar may then process the application using the "Landrush Domain Create With Claims Notice" command.

An example list of domain names that have prior rights in available for download above. Please use any name on that list in conjunction with a Domain Check command to obtain the Claims Notice ID. The Claims Notice may be obtained through the Registrar Panel by providing the Claims Notice ID in the "Claims" textbox. Clicking on "Launch" under the "Accreditation" heading will bring up the funtionality on the left-hand side.

Launch OT&E Criteria


"Accredited" shall mean to be accredited by the ZACR as having met the Launch OT&E Criteria and ZACR Accreditation Requirements in respect of one or all of the ZACR gTLDs, TLDs or SLDs, as evidenced by the issue of an Accreditation Certificate by the ZACR to the Registrar. The certificate will be an online digital representation, indicating the approved Accreditation of the Accredited Registrar.

"Accreditation Criteria" shall mean the requirements specified by the ZACR from time-to-time in relation to the minimum criteria which must be satisfied by a person/entity in order for that person/entity to be Accredited and which is specified in the Published Policies.

To become Technically Accredited for Launch and be issued with an Accreditation Certificate, certain Launch OT&E Criteria must be met. In this regard, all EPP commands as required by the ZACR have to be completed successfully.

Registrars can track their progress and results through their Registrar Panel by clicking on "Launch" under the "OT&E" heading on the right-hand side.

Below is a list of XPaths that the ZACR will be validating against. To become technically accredited, all XPaths must be passed according to their specific EPP functions.


Domain Sunrise Check

“//launch:check[@type=’avail’]/launch:phase[text()=’sunrise’]” : //epp:result[@code=’1000’]”
Domain Landrush Check
“//launch:check [@type=’claims’]/launch:phase[text()=‘claims’][@name='landrush']” : “//epp:result[@code=’1000’]”
Domain Sunrise/Landrush Info
“//launch:info/launch:applicationID” :  “//epp:result[@code=’1000’]”

Domain Sunrise Create
“//launch:create [@type=’application’]/launch:phase[text()=’sunrise’]/following-sibling::smd:encodedSignedMark” : “//epp:result[@code=’1001’]”
Domain Landrush Create With Claims Notice
“//launch:create [@type=’application’]/launch:phase[text()=’claims’][@name='landrush'/following-sibling::launch:notice” : “//epp:result[@code=’1001’]”
Domain Landrush Create Without Claims Notice
“//launch:create[@type=’application’]/launch:phase[text()=’claims’][@name='landrush'/[not(//launch:notice)] : “//epp:result[@code=’1001’]”
Domain Sunrise/Landrush Delete
“//launch:delete/launch:phase[text()=’landrush’ or text()=’sunrise’]/following-sibling::launch:applicationID” : “//epp:result[@code=’1000’]”

Request Poll Message (until queue is empty)

  "http://epp:poll[@op='req']": "http://epp:result[@code='1300']"
Ack Poll Message (until queue is empty)
  "http://epp:poll[@op='ack']": "http://epp:result[@code='1300']"


The ZACR accreditation system will verify that each command was performed correctly.


Additional Information

1. The ZACR will provide a single account for the purpose of Launch Accreditation.
2. The ZACR assumes that registrars are able to perform the required EPP Contact Mapping functionality and will not be testing it.


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