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.ZA Registrar Accreditation Criteria

1. Documentation and Resources
2. EPP Commands
3. Additional Information

  3.1. Testing Credentials
  3.2. Recommended Testing Procedure

Documentation and Resources


Sample EPP Bundle Version 3.1


EPP Schema Bundle Version 1

EPP Commands


"Accredited" shall mean to be accredited by the CO.ZA Administrator as having met the Accreditation Criteria in respect of the 2LD, as evidenced by the issue of an Accreditation Certificate by the CO.ZA Administrator to the Registrar, as well as having met the Legal Accreditation criteria.

"Accreditation Certificate" shall mean a Notice from the CO.ZA Administrator certifying that the Registrar has met the Accreditation Criteria in respect of the 2LD.

"Accreditation Criteria" shall mean the requirements specified by the CO.ZA Administrator from time-to-time in relation to the minimum criteria which must be satisfied by a person in order for that person to be Accredited and which is specified in the Published Policies.

"Accreditation Fees" means the fees payable by the Registrar to the CO.ZA Administrator as set out in Schedule A, which comprises: (a) the Annual Fee; and (b) the Transaction Fees


Before Technical Accreditation can begin, please make sure that you have made the required payment of ZAR 5000 (Five Thousand Rands) and acquired a username and password for the OT&E server. Banking details can be found here.

To become Technically Accredited and be issued with an Accreditation Certificate, certain Accreditation Criteria must be met. In this regard, all EPP commands as well as certain EPP extensions have to be performed within a 3 month period.

Below is a list of XPaths that the registry will be checking against. To become technically accredited, all XPaths must be passed according to their specific EPP functions.

"http://contact:create": "http://epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://contact:delete": "http://epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://contact:update": "http://contact:id[@paResult='1']"
"http://contact:voice | //contact:email": "http://contact:id[@paResult='1'] | //epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://contact:info": "http://epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://cozac:info/cozac:balance": "http://cozac:infData/cozac:balance"
"http://contact:postalInfo[@type='loc']": "http://epp:result[@code='1000'] | //contact:id[@paResult='1']"
"http://domain:create": "http://epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://domain:update/domain:chg/domain:registrant": "http://domain:name[@paResult='1']"
"http://domain:ns/domain:hostAttr": "http://domain:name[@paResult='1']"
"http://domain:update/domain:add/domain:status": "http://domain:name[@paResult='1']"
"http://domain:update/domain:rem/domain:status": "http://domain:name[@paResult='1']"
"http://domain:delete": "http://domain:name[@paResult='1']"
"http://domain:transfer": "http://domain:trnData[domain:trStatus='pending']"
"http://domain:info": "http://epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://domain:renew": "http://epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://epp:transfer[@op='request']": "http://domain:trnData[domain:trStatus='pending']"
"http://epp:transfer[@op='approve']": "http://epp:result[@code='1001'] | //epp:result[@code='1000']"
"http://cozad:update/cozad:chg[cozad:autorenew='false']": "http://cozad:cozaData/cozad:detail[@result=
'success']" # EPP "http://epp:poll[@op='ack']": "http://epp:result[@code='1300']"

The registry accreditation system will verify that each command was performed correctly
and within the allotted 3 month period.

For examples of the expected responses, please see Expected Responses

For more information on the EPP standard and how to perform the required technical functions, please see our Technical Page or download the documentation at the top of the page.


Additional Information

Testing Credentials

Testing credentials and testing credit on the OT&E server include the following:

  • Testing credentials include 2 accounts (eg: "myaccount" and "myaccount-2")
  • To activate an account, use the account to successfully create a domain on the testing server
  • Once the first domain has been successfully created, the account used to create the domain will be automatically allocated an amount of R80 as available credit
  • When the initial R80 credit runs out, please use the registrar panel to add additional credit

All checks for accreditation are done against the Primary Account. The Primary Account is the first of the two accounts (eg: "myaccount").

The above-mentioned XPath accreditation requirements are subject to change. Notification of change will be done through e-mail to the individual appointed in charge.

Recommended Testing Procedure

The following is a recommended procedure to optimise the testing process. It identifies the logical data flow as well as a general lifecycle of domains:

1. Perform all Contact operations except for the Delete operation.
  1.1. Contact Create
  1.2. Contact Name Update
  1.3. Contact Voice or Email Update
  1.4. Contact Localised Postal Info Update
  1.5. Contact Info

2. Perform all Domain operations except for the Delete and Transfer operations.
  2.1. Domain Create
  2.2. Domain Host Update
  2.3. Domain Update Registrant
  2.4. Domain Update Add Status
  2.5. Domain Info
  2.6. Domain Update Remove Status
  2.7. Domain Renew

3. Perform all Contact Extension operations.
  3.1. COZA Contact balance

4. Perform all Domain Extension operations.
  4.1. COZA Domain Autorenew

5. Perform Domain Transfer operations.
  5.1. Domain Transfer Request
  5.2. Domain Transfer Approve

6. Perform Domain Delete operation.
  6.1. Delete Domain

7. Perform Contact Delete operations.
  7.1. Delete Contact

8. Perform Polling operations.
  8.1. Poll Request
  8.2. Poll Ack

NOTE: Please note that the recommended procedure above is simply for optimisation purposes and if performed correctly will result in a completed Accreditation process. There is however additional functionality that we recommend be implemented by registrars, specifically custom extensions which can be found here (Domains) and here (Contacts)


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Technical Support

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