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In a bid to create more awareness around COVID-19 Government has called on all .za domain name holders that have an associated website to create a landing page with a visible link to For more details see section 5.1.4 of Regulation No. 43164 published on 26 March 2020.

About the ZACR



The ZA Central Registry (ZACR) is a non-profit organisation (NPO) currently managing various .ZA second level domains, such as,, and With over 1 250 000 domain name registrations, the majority of these domain names are under These names represent 95% of the total number of registrations in .ZA, and a large percentage of ccTLD registrations for the entire African Continent.


In 2014 ZA Central Registry added 3 new gTLDs to its administration, namely: .Joburg, .CapeTown and .Durban. These City TLDs have shown significant growth, hopes to exceed the 15 000 threshold, but is still shy of the 6 000 registrations projected for general availability. ZACR has a number of initiatives lined up to improve the uptake of domain name registrations within the .CapeTown, .Joburg and .Durban name spaces and hopes to reach the 15 000 domain registration mark by the end of 2015. Most exciting of these initiatives is the launch of its Proxy Registrar Solution, which is intended to improve accessibility of the dotCity TLDs to more than 400 local registrars. This may have the effect of doubling or even tripling the domain registration figures within the next 12 months and also assist registrars to overcome the requirement of being ICANN Accredited Registrar to provision domain names within these namespaces.


Other registrar relationship improvement Initiatives include: holding general information sessions as well as personalised one on one meetings to obtain a better understanding of the challenges that our registrar community face and to celebrate their success stories; encouraging registrars to attend DNS Training Programmes, including DNSSEC Skills Development; reviving discussions on pricing strategies to enhance our dotCities’ brand; and exploring the possibility of providing credit facilities to our registrars. We call on our registrar community to join us in our campaign to ‘Domain the Undomained’!


The long awaited dotAfrica IRP Process has finally been concluded with the Panel issuing a Declaration in favour of DCA. The Declaration will have the effect of reinstating DCA’s application for Initial Evaluation within the parameters set in the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook. Regardless of the outcome of the IRP Process, ZACR continues to enjoy strong support from the Auc, UNECA AND GAC regarding its application and is confident that the outcome of this matter will yield positive results for the African Continent to be connected.


Our allegiance to our South African identity starts with the Constitution, our Flag, our National Anthem and .ZA!



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festive season

As the end of the year approaches, please keep in mind the following information to avoid any frustrations over the holiday period.


Closure Date:

Our offices will be closed from the 21st of December 2020 and will reopen on the 4th of January 2021. We will have skeleton staff on standby to attend to urgent customer queries.


Contact details:
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Happy holidays and let us continue to maintain social distancing as we approach this peak time!




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All issues and questions relating to the EPP Registry Registrar System must be raised in the Contact/Support pages through the Registrar Portal. This is to ensure that our support department tracks and addresses all issues. Log in to the Registrar Portal and submit a support request online.


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