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In a bid to create more awareness around COVID-19 Government has called on all .za domain name holders that have an associated website to create a landing page with a visible link to For more details see section 5.1.4 of Regulation No. 43164 published on 26 March 2020.


As a responsible corporate citizen and with the best interest of our employees and other stakeholder groups in mind, we’ve decided to implement a combination of work from home and a staggered work from office ethic at the Registry. All registry employees have the necessary technology and tools to continue business as usual. Kindly note that best endeavors will be made to ensure that quality of service is not compromised and all Registry- related telephone, mobile and email contacts will be operational and monitored during the core business hours of 08:00 until 17:00 (SAST).

For ease of reference the following primary contact details are still relevant:

Telephone: 011- 314 0077
Email: or

In addition, all stakeholder groups are encouraged to facilitate meetings using remote participation tools and platforms so as to give effect to social distancing principles. Our COVID-19 OHS Team is also in place to monitor developments on this matter and will advise management on the need to implement any additional steps informed by the rate of infection of the Virus within the country.

We hope that you are also taking the necessary precautionary measures as this pandemic can only be mitigated and extinguished through collective responsible action.

Continue to keep healthy and safe!


New Registrar Applications

The ZA Central Registry NPC is accepting new applications for registrars who wish to integrate. Prospective registrars are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Technical Aspects of EPP.


New applications will follow the Onboarding Procedure. PLEASE NOTE that an Accreditation Fee of ZAR 5000 must be paid after the completion of the Signup Process. Applications will only proceed past the Legal Review stage after the fee has been received by the ZA Central Registry NPC.


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Technical Support

All issues and questions relating to the EPP Registry Registrar System must be raised in the Contact/Support pages through the Registrar Portal. This is to ensure that our support department tracks and addresses all issues. Log in to the Registrar Portal and submit a support request online.


Registrar Noticeboard

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